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3 Layers of Learning Design Thinking

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Teaching Design Thinking is one of the most exciting trends I’m seeing in K-12 schools. Not only is it a great way to engage students in solving real-world problems, but it also develops their problem solving skills, their creative confidence, collaboration abilities and the list goes on. I’m currently developing a Design Thinking curriculum for a great organization, and I developed this visual to represent the different layers that a class on Design Thinking addresses. The main thing to note is that the class should not ultimately be only about Process Execution or even Process Skills, because the real power of Design Thinking is in the Process Attitudes.

Hope you find it helpful – and I would love your feedback! (in the comments or on twitter @EmanAbouelatta)

Layers of Design Thinking


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I’m Eman, the founder of School By Design. I created this blog to inspire schools and educators to use Design in their everyday work. I’m a School Experience Designer. What it means? I help schools perfect their user experiences, build innovation capacity and culture, and develop systems for continuous need finding and innovation. I use an array of tools: design thinking, qualitative/quantitative research, user-centered design, organizational theory, research in education, my MA in Education Leadership (Stanford, '14), my background in program management and strategy (Microsoft Program Manager), and good old research.

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